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Interactive Webinars

These are comprehensive interactive webinars for dance teachers, dancers and other aesthetic disciplines coaches and health practitioners. Our webinars aim to bridge the world of science with the world of practice. Dr. Nico Kolokythas is an active researcher and educator with vast experience in coaching, teaching and athlete/dancer development and performance. 

These webinars cover a variety of topics ranging from training organisation and optimisation, physiology of strength training and strength development but also coaching/teaching methodology and pedagogy. During these two hours Nico aims to create an open critical dialogue with dance educators and other practitioners about dance research and practice. These webinars are an excellent CPD opportunity for teachers and coaches professional development. The webinars are certified. If you with more information simply get in touch with us.


Sometimes we need to re-structure our existing knowledge and to challenge our views. For me, dance is about communication not about physical performance but to be able to make the right professional choices in the dance related health professions, we need to be up-to-date in the most recent results of sport science as well. Finally I have find a teacher who appreciates critical thinking.



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