Interactive Webinars

Due to the current global situation with COVID-19 all workshops have been postponed. Interactive webinars now available. For more information feel free to contact us


These are comprehensive interactive webinars for dance teachers, dancers and other aesthetic disciplines coaches and practitioners on evidence and practice-based experience on supplementary training for dancers and athletes with the main focus on injury management and performance enhancement.

They are practicals with hands-on experience and an excellent CPD opportunity. Usually split in two days (4 hours per day) but can also be a one day course. If you with more information click on the contact us button.

Upcoming Events

  • Interactive Webinar on Specificity
    Online Event
  • Διαδικτυακό Σεμινάριο - Προπονητική Εξειδίκευση στον Χορό
  • Interactive Webinar
    Online Event
  • Practical workshop in Athens
  • Practical workshop in Iraklio - Crete

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